Our Grades

Our Golf Ball Grading System
All our golf balls are hand separated and graded to ensure quality and overall consistency. 
Use the descriptions below for a guide when purchasing from AAAUsedGolfBalls.com:
Our 'AAA' golf balls are shiny, high white balls in perfect to near perfect condition. They have the look and feel of new golf balls. Scuffs of any kind are not included in this grade. Golf balls may have logos or small, standard personal marks. These are the Grade 1, Mint or AAAAA Grade golf balls on other golf ball sites.
Our 'AA' golf balls may have a small scuff mark or a little more magic marker than would the 'AAA' golf balls, but no club marks, bubbling clear coat  or cuts. These balls are all perfectly fine for play, but the shine or general appearance is down a bit. These are just a great mix of average condition golf balls. Slight discoloration may be included.
Practice Balls:
Practice balls are great for at-home practice or that long carry over water. Some beginner or high handicap golfers may play with these golf balls but with even a small club mark on a new ball we have decided to classify them as practice golf balls. Practice balls may include discoloration, club marks, small cut, small blistering and so on. They do not include large cuts or severely discolored or marred golf balls.
1 Hits:
These are our bottom-of-the-barrel balls. Ready to be hit once and retire ~ great for whacking into the lake or the neighbors backyard*. May include range balls, cuts, dark discoloration, etc.
*AAA Used Golf Balls does not attempt to endorse such activity; these are just ideas and have not been evaluated by the USGA.